Day 274: Cockatiel Stages Non-Hostile Takeover

In “black ops,” a discipline known to all super-secret spies (regardless of size or species), there are two kinds of takeovers. Hostile and non-hostile. The first kind is generally only seen among the large featherless beings, on account of how they have no feathers and, well, for many other reasons besides. The second kind isContinue reading “Day 274: Cockatiel Stages Non-Hostile Takeover”

Day 271: Cockatiel Grows Granola Trees

There is a reason so many large featherless beings like to decorate themselves with feathers. Feathers make you smarter. Suddenly you see possibility, potential, pure genius even, where none previously existed. You get the best ideas! And because you look so cute and feel so confident, you trust your instincts and try your ideas outContinue reading “Day 271: Cockatiel Grows Granola Trees”


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