Day 79: And He’s IN!

Sometimes when kids go to an amusement park, they really enjoy those jumpy things full of balls.

Jumpy thing full of balls...with kid. (image courtesy of Wal-mart)
Jumpy thing full of balls…with kid. (image courtesy of Wal-mart)

As it turns out, the featherless kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy these fun toys.

Whoa - Mom, what's this? This looks FUN!
Whoa – Mom, what’s this? It looks FUN!
I am having a blast!
Wait a minute.....these round things look familiar.
Wait a minute…..these round things look familiar.
I'll just sample one to see if I'm right....
I’ll just sample one to see if I’m right….yup. Totally crunchy and tasty. Bonus!
I could come here every day - entertainment AND a snack all in one!
Uh oh, I see Mom getting out that carton with the cold white stuff in it….5 more minutes!!

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