One Man’s Owl

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“Bubo” was a great horned owl.

Found by author and zoologist Bernd Heinrich when he was just a tiny owlet, Bubo was lucky that his new surrogate parent knew just how to guide the young owlet in such important tasks as learning to roost, play, and hunt (all with an eye towards an eventual successful release back into the wilds of the Maine woods).

What Bubo looked like as a chick (photo courtesy of WSU)
What Bubo looked like as a chick (photo courtesy of WSU)

Bubo quickly bonded with his new family, which over time grew to consist of the family cat, Bunny (also a fearless hunter), a young nest of crows (“Theo” and “Thor”) and other colorful characters.

When it came time for Bubo to return to the wild, he did so with confidence and great success. “One Man’s Owl” is a tale of how one man and one owl spent three wonderful summers together – and each emerged the better for it.


p.s. This gem of a book has been reprinted and abridged time and again since its original publication in 1940 – and it is still as readable and engaging today as it was in its very first edition.

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Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts


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