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Day 365: Want 365 More Days of Pearl? Here’s What to Do!

Hi – the large featherless being here. 🙂

Wow. W.O.W. WOW.

Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that we were only on Day 1?

And yet here we are already – at Day 365!

The fetching and very feathery face of the hit series “365 Days of Pearl.”

But never fear – there is plenty more adventuring where these 365 days came from.

And Pearl himself is raring to go – he is eager to launch right into another 365 days.

His tireless featherless assistant, however, is, well…..tired.

Keeping up with a feathery and very famous charge – especially one who insists you write his blog AND his biography book at the same time while still trying to earn enough funds for rent and waffles – can really wear a Mom out!

Luckily, you can help!

Mommies love their birdies. Period, the End. :-)
Mommies love their birdies. Period, the End. 🙂

Want “365 More Days of Pearl?” Show Your Support Now!

OPTION 1: Add your name to the list of those who want Pearl’s new book when it is published (no payment needed – no obligation to pay – ever – just sign your name to say you want the book!)


OPTION 2: Pre-pay for your copy of Pearl’s new book (and we will send it to you as soon as it is published – no matter where you live – and even if we have to fly it to you ourselves!)


Pearl thanks you and his doting and very proud mommy thanks you for your support!


Pearl & Shannon

2 thoughts on “Day 365: Want 365 More Days of Pearl? Here’s What to Do!

  1. We want Pearl, we want Pearl!!!
    Pongo and Purdy via their large featherless assistant!!

    1. Yay! Pearl loves Pongo and Purdy!! (via his large featherless assistant!)

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