Day 163: Water Filter Checkup

Life with a large featherless assistant can be….challenging.

You just never know what she might bring home.

And since often (always) she doesn’t run new acquisitions by you first, you often (always) have to do your security checks after the fact.

Mom? Care to explain this, um, item?
Mom? Care to explain this, um, item?
A "water filter?"
A “water filter?” I’m going to have to run my usual security protocols before I can allow it to stay.
Well, the cabling seems sturdy enough at least.
Well, the cabling seems sturdy enough at least.
Oh so sturdy.....
Oh so sturdy…..
Really quite sturdy....
Really quite sturdy….
Although I have to say, the "water" part appears to be missing.
I’m not so sure about this other part – I don’t see any cables at all down there.
These cables seem to be equally sturdy.
Luckily, this side has cables and they appear quite sturdy.
Yup. Perhaps even sturdier than the others!
They hold up well under my patented “chew stress tests.”
And everything looks secure at the top, too.
And I’m glad to see even more cables up at the top here.
What do you mean - "of course the cables are secure?"
A toasted waffle in exchange for concluding the ‘chew stress tests’ early? Well, it’s not my usual security protocol, but I think we can work something out….

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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2 thoughts on “Day 163: Water Filter Checkup

  1. Brigitte Ramos

    Well, that post has certainly put a smile on my face. And your incredibly handsome face, of course. Your wit cracks me up, Pearl. Bless u!! And your big featherless assistant too, for making it possible.


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