Weekend Reading List: Why Do Cockatiels Do That?

Here at Casa Feathers n Beak, reading is a flock-wide tradition.

While some of us like to focus on the words on the page, while others of us prefer to focus on the crispiness of those pages, it is safe to say no book entering this household lacks for attention.

So Pearl thought it would be a great idea to combine his literary knowledge with his mommy’s typing skills to offer a “book o’ the week” review – just in time for your weekend reading list!

This week, the book is Why Do Cockatiels Do That?” by Nikki Moustaki.

Pearl. Showcasing his acting skills as he acts out the title for readers.
Pearl. Showcasing his skills in “acting” as he mimes out the title for readers.

Pearl’s review: Cockatiels are the most mysterious and wise of beings. Contemplating why cockatiels do anything is a great way to add depth and insight to your daily life. Of course, you also want to be sure you are hearing from a real expert on the topic (preferably one who has feathers) and for that, I highly recommend you check out this book!


His mommy’s review: So fun to read! The book helped me to understand my feathered sidekick much better and also enjoy a few laughs along the way! And the illustrations are PRECIOUS (just like all beings with feathers!). Totally loved this book.

Happy reading!

With love (& feathers),

Shannon & Pearl


Our flock <3s comments! :-)

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