Pearls of Wisdom: Sharing

If there is one thing this world always needs more of, it is wisdom.

Luckily, Pearl’s got plenty of it and he’s always happy to share!

This week, Pearl offers his Pearls of Wisdom on a topic near and dear to his heart:



When you have feathers (and are thus the automatic flock alpha), “sharing” is always optional. But it can be a nice gesture to make, especially when you have guests visiting. The key to sharing is to make sure that a) you both have equal portions, and b) it is clear whose portion is whose. 


Pearl – showcasing a “sharing” session in progress with a guest, George (both are enjoying a freshly baked English muffin, baked by the Small Chef, of course). George’s mommy, Wendy, said it was okay for George to try “muffin.”

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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One thought on “Pearls of Wisdom: Sharing

  1. Brigialana

    It made me so happy to see Pearl sharing not only his treat but also spending some of his time with somebody of his own kind. Kibou likes to spend time with me and he often flies to me to share MY breakfast and to ask for his session of scritches and kisses. He even preens my brows and hair sometimes, but he always seeks Canelita, the love of his life, the one he hopes to mate with someday. 😉😊💙


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