A Special Mother’s Day Message from Pearl!

Mother’s Day is a very important day in the life of every feathered being.

First of all, it is the day when you finally figured out how to pop out of the sleek (if somewhat cramped) white spaceship you arrived in so you could spread your wings at last.

Speaking of wings, Mother’s Day is also the day the first large featherless VIP fans eagerly joined your posse.

Most importantly, it is the day you first learned that peeping (and later shrieking, or even just looking very cute) can get you anything you want – ASAP.

TIP: By the way, this tactic works equally well with your regular mom and her mom, aka your Grand-mom.

Pearl and his Grand-mom share some quality time together discussing how wonderful it is to have feathers.

But best of all, Grand-moms are notorious for wanting to cook gourmet delicacies just for their grand birds (which is especially great when your regular mom clearly can’t tell the difference between a spoon and a frying pan).

A certain feathery someone’s Grand-mom discusses the flavor palate of a new gourmet dish with the in-flock culinary expert.

So on this most special of special days, on behalf of feathered and featherless (and even shelled and furred) beings everywhere, Pearl just wants to say, “Happy Mother’s Day” to his regular mom and his Grand-mom and to all moms and to everyone!

“You are loved” – nuff said. 🙂

(P.S. Pearl would also like to suggest “waffles” as the best dish for Mother’s Day Brunch. He highly – very highly – oh so highly – recommends them!)

With lots of love & feathers,


His large featherless assistant (aka regular mom)

The Small Chef (aka Grand-mom)

The Tall Tree (aka Grand-dad)

The two shelled beings, Malti and bruce

The wild and woolly furred being, Flash Gordon


6 thoughts on “A Special Mother’s Day Message from Pearl!

  1. Dana Cutts

    Oh Shannon, what a lovely tribute to Moms and to me. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I love you so much, darling daughter.




  2. brigialana

    That was just beautiful. This day’s story,the pics and your mom’s message to you. 💜🌷💜
    PS Where did you get that lovely plaque that Pearl is posing with? 😍


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