Being Brave with Bruce: Mountain Climbing

box turtle with cockatiel

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Sometimes you might wake up and be really in the mood to do some mountain climbing.

You are full of vim and vigor. Bring it on! You were born to summit.

But then again, a mountain might arrive at just the wrong moment – such as during your winter brumation or when you are in the middle of a wriggling earthworm snack.

It doesn’t matter that you are great at mountain climbing or even that you often enjoy the challenge. You just don’t want to do any right now.

But no matter how much you tell the mountain to go away, it just stays put. It sits there. And watches you. And waits.

At times you can almost hear it tapping its large, loud, mountainous foot….are you ready yet? How about now? Now? NOW?

Sigh. Eventually, you are going to have to climb it. Eventually, it all boils down to that mountain versus you.

Here, what you really want to do is start from a firm foundation.

When you start from a very firm, solid, supportive foundation, then no matter if the mountain is chock full of contagious microbes or competing suitors or hungry higher-ups on the food chain o’ life, you have every chance of reaching your goal.

box turtle with cockatiel
When you start your climb from a very firm foundation, there is no doubt you can summit over any obstacle in your path.

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