The Cute, Curious, Smart Box Turtle

Being born smart, curious and cute might seem like a win-win-win from the outside looking in. But before you go wishing you had been born a cute, curious, smart box turtle, consider this: Would you want the paparazzi filming every cute, curious, smart moment you have? That’s a lot of film footage! And as theyContinue reading “The Cute, Curious, Smart Box Turtle”

Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner

From the outside looking in, it might appear that lady box turtle season happens only during a short period each spring. But a peek behind the scenes reveals a different story. After all, lady box turtles (like all ladies of all species) are very choosy. If you want to beat out the competition, you haveContinue reading “Most Eligible Box Turtle Award Winner”

Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks

Learning the art of snack sweeping takes dedication. Focus. Determination. Most of all, perseverance. After all, the turtle snacks aren’t going to sweep themselves. Being built for low-to-the-ground surveillance gives you certain natural advantages. The snacks can hide, but when they run you will certainly see them! The key is to lurk in absolute stillnessContinue reading “Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks”

Day 327: The Box Turtle and the Broom

Living life in an interspecies flock really wakes you up to all the variety in the beings of this world. Some are quite short – like you – and have a shell, but they still look very different. Some are quite short, but are very long and covered in fur. Some are small and soContinue reading “Day 327: The Box Turtle and the Broom”

Day 257: Tortoise Transforms Into the Lettuce Pirate

As everyone knows, the annual “Day O’ Treats” is fast approaching. But in order to get the most treats, you have to dress up as something really fearsome. This way, the other beings will become paralyzed with fear when you approach. They will then drop their treats and you can scarf them up. For expediency’sContinue reading “Day 257: Tortoise Transforms Into the Lettuce Pirate”

Day 248: The Scent of a Tortoise

If there is one thing shelled beings have in abundance (besides “cuteness” of course) it is self-esteem. After all, when you are born as a cute, smart, compact and remarkably self-sufficient red-footed tortoise, what’s not to love about being you? That fragrance you are emitting? It is the exotic “eau de tortoise,” of course. AndContinue reading “Day 248: The Scent of a Tortoise”


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