Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Beards

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Bruce is such a character! He is truly one-of-a-kind – both the only and the BEST (mama’s bias here) box turtle I have ever known.

One day not long after Bruce emerged from hibernation this spring, I noticed what looked like black fungus growing around the edges of his beak (turtles and tortoises have beaks just like parrots – so cool…..).

Of course I did what any conscientious shell mama would do. I panicked and texted our vet. I sent copious numbers of close-up photos. She studied the photos and texted back, “I think that is dirt.”

Long story short – it was dirt.

So today when I walked outside and was met with a box turtle who appeared to be sporting a…..beard…..suffice it to say I didn’t fall for that one again!

Instead I cooed at him, “Oh look at youuuuuu – so CUTE – my Brucie has a dirt beard!”

But I did take copious numbers of close-up photos….just in case.

My beautiful boy sporting one of his new signature dirt-centric looks: the box turtle beard.

And remember…..

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