Being Brave with Bruce: Green Is Great

When you are born short and shelled, you spend a lot of time with green beings. This gives you an appreciation your bigger, taller planet-mates often lack. For example, green is great for camouflaging things. Things like you. Green symbolizes growth. And if you are still growing you must still be here. (As in, notContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Green Is Great”

Being Brave with Bruce: Claws of Comfort

There is something to be said for staying prepared. Even if you are of a peaceable temperament (more naturally inclined towards defense rather than offense, so to speak), your claws are still there. And you still know how to use them. Just in case. Plus, it can be a great self-esteem booster to look downContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Claws of Comfort”

Being Brave with Bruce: Keep Your Friends Close

It can be a lot to take on – living the wild life. Every day, you know who the buck stops with. You. Whether the threat o’ the day is enormous and carnivorous or microscopic and infectious, when you get all the way to the end of it, you will know who you have toContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Keep Your Friends Close”

Being Brave with Bruce: the Many Faces of Brave

It is easy to think of “brave” as being only when you are presenting your full-on, nostrils-first, wide-eyed, out-in-the-open self to the world. To face the scary things. To stare down the pack of slavering challenges staring back. But the truth is, brave doesn’t have just one face. Sometimes the bravest thing you can doContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: the Many Faces of Brave”

Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum

It is true “hibernaculum” is a bit of a mouthful. It might be just as easy to call your winter slumber chambers the “nap zone.” But this isn’t just any nap zone. It is especially constructed for big leaguers, power nappers that think catnaps are for cats (and good riddance while they’re at it). IfContinue reading “Day 362: A Box Turtle In His Hibernaculum”

Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies

When you have just been rescued and are very very hungry, it might seem natural you would gobble down everything in sight. But that would be evolutionarily unwise. After all, you’ve been on your own in the (relative) wild since you popped out of your small round white escape pod. Not everyone you hatched withContinue reading “Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies”

Day 336: Box Turtle Gets a Lift

Being a box turtle means you can carry your home with you wherever you decide to go. But it isn’t just any home you are carrying. Your home is extra-secure. Once you decide to head indoors, you can use your super-strong shell muscles to close up tight on both sides – so tight that predatorsContinue reading “Day 336: Box Turtle Gets a Lift”

Day 321: Big Box Turtle Stretch

Coming out of hibernation – even if just for a day – is guaranteed to make you notice your (adorably cute) box turtle legs, tail and head at a whole new level. After all, you haven’t see one another in awhile. As you are catching up again, you may also find yourself fielding a complaintContinue reading “Day 321: Big Box Turtle Stretch”

Day 300: Box Turtle Brumation Hay Tunnel

Every species hibernates in their own way. Heck, even every being within every species has their own special way they like to brumate. No matter how experienced you are, every new hibernation season can be nerve-wracking – after all, you are about to dial down your metabolism and you want to be sure your sleepingContinue reading “Day 300: Box Turtle Brumation Hay Tunnel”

Day 276: Box Turtle Hay Fest

As a cold-blooded shelled being, you can expect that as temperatures turn cooler, so will you. As this process continues, your mind may quite naturally turn towards thoughts of….hay. When it is still warm during the day, a fresh and comfy pile of hay can give you an excellent vantage point for scouting victuals andContinue reading “Day 276: Box Turtle Hay Fest”

Day 270: Box Turtle Wants UP

Only a small percentage of beings get lucky enough to emerge from the small round escape pods wearing shells. The moment you notice you have one, this is how you know you are very cute. It is also how you can know you are very short. Sure, you will eventually “grow up”….at least by anContinue reading “Day 270: Box Turtle Wants UP”

Day 267: Those Box Turtle Toes

Walking around with a shell on your back is guaranteed to get you noticed. You can’t seem to go anywhere without somebody wanting to pick you up, check you out all over, shove their small rectangular flashing devices at you to pose for “selfies”….it just comes with the territory, so to speak. Even pulling allContinue reading “Day 267: Those Box Turtle Toes”

Day 264: Box Turtle Sees Stars

Contrary to popular belief, being born with a shell on your back does not automatically make you a homebody. Some beings with shells love to wander and roam and explore and see new interesting places. And then there is you, the three-toed Texas box turtle. You were born right here in Texas and Texas isContinue reading “Day 264: Box Turtle Sees Stars”

Day 261: The Box Turtle Bower

As a box turtle, getting rescued has its perks. Three hots and a cot is just the start of it. You also get love and adoration, plus your own blog with hordes of slavishly devoted large shell-less fans who want nothing more than to start their day learning more about yours. But there is oneContinue reading “Day 261: The Box Turtle Bower”

Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc

Wearing a shell on your back is like walking around carrying a sign that reads “I was here before you were!” Not many beings can say they predated pretty much everything but the Big Bang and bacteria. However, there are a few modern-day individuals who are still around to represent, among them turtles and tortoises,Continue reading “Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc”

Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile

Here in Texas, hay is a staple… least for the large shell-less beings. But when you wear a shell on your back, hay is a less obvious choice. In most cases, you naturally gravitate towards leaf litter, greenery and good old-fashioned brown dirt. But there are certain style advantages to a nice round pile ofContinue reading “Day 255: Box Turtle on a Hay Pile”

Day 249: That Box Turtle Skin

Life can get pretty interesting when your flock consists of many different species. For instance, some of you are big. Some of you are small. Some of you have feathers. Others of you have shells. Still others of you have neither (poor things). Some of you have warm blood. Others of you have cold blood.Continue reading “Day 249: That Box Turtle Skin”

Day 243: Box Turtle Gets a Microscopic Visitor

The large shell-less being here…. Being a box turtle rescue mama is an awesome privilege. It is also a daunting responsibility. I was eight when I rescued my first turtle. He was a baby red-eared slider I named (wait for it) “Red.” He wandered up from the bayou right behind our casa and into theContinue reading “Day 243: Box Turtle Gets a Microscopic Visitor”


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