Day 210: A Box Turtle and His Crocs

Reptiles, whether box turtles, tortoises or other species, are definitely a breed apart. Even if you look a little (or a lot) different on the outside, on the inside you have so much in common. Take cold blood, for example. Where a good one-half of all the beings on earth are what one might politelyContinue reading “Day 210: A Box Turtle and His Crocs”

Day 207: Box Turtle Makes a Video!

While there are undeniable advantages to be had by choosing life in an interspecies flock, there are also notable drawbacks. For starters, the paparazzi. They just never leave you alone. As a box turtle, wherever you go, whatever you are doing, whether you are swimming in your watering hole, snoozing under your fern, noshing onContinue reading “Day 207: Box Turtle Makes a Video!”

Day 204: A Box Turtle Finds a Friend

When you are an active participant in the daily food chain o’ life, you soon learn who your friends are. When you encounter the same beings again and again, and again and again they seem totally disinclined to add you to the menu, chances are good they are your friends. As a box turtle, whileContinue reading “Day 204: A Box Turtle Finds a Friend”

Day 201: A Big Green Box Turtle

You just never know who you might meet when a new day dawns. This is why, if you are a single and suave manly and masculine 3-toed box turtle who is looking for love, there is always a reason to keep hope alive. You could be out for a bit of a stroll, no destinationContinue reading “Day 201: A Big Green Box Turtle”

Day 198: The Box Turtle Stakeout

If you are a being who wears a shell on your back, it doesn’t take long to learn you might as well be wearing a sign that reads, “I’m what’s for lunch.” To further complicate matters, since the shell goes wherever you go, you can’t very well just leave it behind and continue on yourContinue reading “Day 198: The Box Turtle Stakeout”

Day 195: A Flocking Box Turtle

Since most shelled beings don’t naturally cohabitate in flocks, any shelled newcomer to flock life can expect to encounter a learning curve of sorts. This learning curve can definitely be worth the work, however. After all, being the intelligent, independent, resourceful box turtle that you are, if you are going to do this “flock life”Continue reading “Day 195: A Flocking Box Turtle”

Day 192: Boy Box Turtle Versus Girl Box Turtle

If there is one fact about shelled beings that the large shell-less beings seem to consistently get wrong, it is box turtle gender. Just as the males of the avian world are often more colorful and (let’s be honest) attractive than the females, so too can the bright coloration and outgoing personalities of boy boxContinue reading “Day 192: Boy Box Turtle Versus Girl Box Turtle”

Day 189: The Lady Box Turtle

Life with a shell may set a slower pace, but it will never be dull. This you can count on. For starters, every day brings the always challenging “thrill of the hunt” as you stealthily stalk your wild prey. And then of course you have to make sure you also stay out of reach ofContinue reading “Day 189: The Lady Box Turtle”

Day 186: Box Turtle Is Stealthy & Not So Stealthy

Being small and stealthy by nature, and being able to completely close yourself up inside your shell besides, you can use different levels of visibility to your advantage. Say, for example, that you have just enjoyed your usual posh hand-catered lunch. You are feeling quite full and are ready for a restful nap. Your largeContinue reading “Day 186: Box Turtle Is Stealthy & Not So Stealthy”

Day 183: Box Turtle Gets the Mealworm Munchies

Snack time can present some interesting challenges when you live in an interspecies flock. For instance, one flock member might want waffles for his snack break. Another flock member might want blueberries – and lots of them. Yet another flock member might want mealworms, live and kicking. Here, since every flock member has very strongContinue reading “Day 183: Box Turtle Gets the Mealworm Munchies”

Day 180: That Box Turtle Stare

There is just something about having whirling red eyes that can really mesmerize the large shell-less beings. Take your rescue mama, for example. All you have to do is glance at her and she is…..mesmerized. If she can manage it, you might see her lunge for the small rectangular flashing device she carries with herContinue reading “Day 180: That Box Turtle Stare”

Day 177: Rescued Box Turtle Shell Scratches

Even after you have been rescued and are safe and sound in your new forever home, it can take awhile to learn to trust your rescuers. After all, there was a reason you needed to be rescued in the first place. But with time, patience, gourmet wriggling dinners, posh accommodations and lots and lots ofContinue reading “Day 177: Rescued Box Turtle Shell Scratches”

Day 174: The Box Turtle and the Flip Flop

When you are an adult rescued male box turtle, choosing life with an interspecies flock undoubtedly has its pros and its cons. The cons, of course, include a noticeable lack of lady box turtles. Snif. But the pros speak for themselves – hand-delivered catered lunches, a private swimming hole, abundant love and devotion from yourContinue reading “Day 174: The Box Turtle and the Flip Flop”

Day 171: The Swimming Box Turtle

When you have bright orange cheek patches and are naturally lightweight, buoyant, athletic and aerodynamic, sports just come naturally to you – even swimming. Sure, you might technically be classified as a “land turtle,” at least in the sense that you prefer to eat your dinner and nap and hunt on land. After all, sinceContinue reading “Day 171: The Swimming Box Turtle”

Day 168: Box Turtle Home Tour

In many parts of the country, “home tours” are a popular way to spend the day. You buy a ticket and this lets you walk right inside a stranger’s house to see what there is to be seen. Sometimes they even serve you snacks while you are trampling on their grass and snooping inside theirContinue reading “Day 168: Box Turtle Home Tour”

Day 165: Hay Girl

When you are looking for love, it helps if you learn to speak the love language ladies prefer. Here, all interspecies differences aside, even the suavest of solo males need all the love tips they can get. Let’s say you are a single and unusually handsome manly male 3-toed box turtle who doesn’t want toContinue reading “Day 165: Hay Girl”

Day 162: Box Turtle Color Camouflage

In a wild setting, color aesthetics can make all the difference between who gets lunch and who is lunch. So you really want to work your particular color camouflage for all you’ve got. For example, let’s say you are born with a tasteful all-over olive coloration, accented with strategically-placed swatches of tan, white and orange.Continue reading “Day 162: Box Turtle Color Camouflage”

Day 159: Prime Eating for Box Turtle

Every being on this planet has their favorite foods. Redfoot tortoises prefer their Grandma’s organic steamed salmon….and anything else that isn’t nailed down. Cockatiels like waffles and green leafy beings (preferably those that their large featherless assistant has specifically indicated are “off limits”). And if you’re a box turtle – well, it’s hard to beatContinue reading “Day 159: Prime Eating for Box Turtle”


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