Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Hand Feeding

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Sometimes it feels like the only thing Bruce and Malti really have in common is that they are both shelled.

Malti was raised in captivity from the time she was born. She is used to being hand-fed, to having her shell scratched, to getting bathed in her little red tub, to making herself at home both indoors and outdoors.

Then there is Bruce. We rescued him almost two years ago, when he was brought to us twice after being found wandering in very dangerous urban places.

He is still very much a wild turtle, and only his unique needs and the challenges of releasing a box turtle in an area that is not his birthplace have kept him in captivity.

So suffice it to say, it was a BIG DEAL when he woke up from hibernation this year and let his shell-less mama offer him a blueberry “hand fed.”

And remember…..

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