Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Rescuing

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Bruce, my brave, independent, shy, determined box turtle on his “rescue day.”

A Facebook friend of mine once said to me (and I paraphrase slightly), “Until you started sharing Bruce and Malti’s lives here, I just thought turtles were rocks with legs. I didn’t realize they had personalities and preferences and intelligence.”

I love this!! How AWESOME! Here is this person having this total shift in perspective and being so open to it and embracing her newfound understanding of turtles – what could be better?!?

Another friend recently wrote to me and shared her experience of her very first “turtle rescue.” She was in her car and saw a turtle trying to cross the road.

Even though she is scared of turtles, she said she thought of Bruce and Malti and mustered up all her courage and got out of her car and picked that turtle up and placed it gently on the other side of the road.

Hearing this made my day. Why? Because I look at my shells and see two smart, lively, independent beings who have each needed to be rescued at one point in their lives.

For Malti, it was when she wandered off and got lost for six days….which was also the same exact period of time when Bruce first came to us as a rescue.

We all need rescuing sometimes, whether we are a box turtle, a red footed tortoise, a parrot, or a person.

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