Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Seating

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I will never forget the first time I walked outside to check on Bruce in his outdoor habitat and found him roosting – I kid you not – high up in his asparagus fern.

He had climbed up into the center of this sprawling springy thing and balanced his plastron (under-shell) just so….he spent the night that way, or so I have to assume, since he was still there the next morning when I went out to visit him.

Since then I have realized plants have a lot more to offer than simply nutrition, natural beauty or even cleaner air.

They can also make excellent seating.

Also, some green beings are clearly comfier than others. Bruce has maintained his fondness for the asparagus fern, although it was briefly unseated when his mama planted some Swiss chard she found on clearance at the local Home Depot. The hope was that Bruce might ingest some of the nutritious green leaves.

Bruce had other ideas…..

Bruce carves out a plush roosting area in his new stand of Swiss chard.

And remember…..

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