Day 120: Box Turtle Brunch

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Brunch traditions can look quite different depending on your species orientation.

For example, let’s say you are a large featherless being.

When you go out to brunch, you probably enjoy sitting in chairs, eating off china plates with shiny silver forks and knives, drinking your mimosas out of fluted glasses and your coffee out of thick sturdy mugs.

But then let’s say you are a 3-toed box turtle.

Here, you might expect your brunch to be served on your food rock, with its pleasing “naturalistic” surface and beak-filing properties. You probably also prefer to eat your meal in the “paparazzi-free zone” under thick cover of your green habitat ferns.

And forget all those cumbersome utensils – everyone knows brunch tastes best when you hunt it personally, snapping it up on the spot with your powerful jaws.

A brunching box turtle digs in, snapping up his steamed organic salmon in his powerful jaws!

Below, enjoy a short but gripping documentary of the rarely seen, ancient “box turtle brunch traditions.”

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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