Day 171: The Swimming Box Turtle

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When you have bright orange cheek patches and are naturally lightweight, buoyant, athletic and aerodynamic, sports just come naturally to you – even swimming.

Sure, you might technically be classified as a “land turtle,” at least in the sense that you prefer to eat your dinner and nap and hunt on land.

After all, since land is where the lady box turtles are most likely to be, that is where you want to be also.

But still, there is no substitute for a refreshing dip when things really heat up in your large (and oh so hot) home state of Texas.

If you can cool off and nab a tasty snack at your luxurious and private swimming hole, even better.

If you work up an appetite with all that swimming, you sure can’t beat the selection of floating green snacks.

Plus, swimming gives your smooth and classically-colored olive shell that signature shine you are sure lady box turtles won’t be able to resist.

Someone with bright orange cheek patches polishes up his smooth olive shell to a high lady turtle-attracting shine.

See how it all comes together in this short but compelling video (warning: cuteness overload is likely!):


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