Day 228: Box Turtle Beauty Tips

Box Turtle Up Close

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For the large shell-less beings, the older you get, the older you tend to feel….and look.

Not so if you are lucky enough to arrive wearing a shell.

For starters, shells are not prone to wrinkling, sagging or drooping. They stay lovely and youthful looking….even when the rest of you perhaps does not.

Also, with such a handy protective shell, it is ridiculously easy to protect your vulnerable soft skin from the elements – all you have to do is fold up inside and voila! Instant rejuvenation!

As a box turtle, you also spend a good four to five months of each year undergoing what might politely be termed as “deep rest” – brumation (winter hibernation) is not for the amateur sleeper.

By logging such extended rest time annually, both brain and body have the chance to visit the fountain o’ youth together and then emerge in the spring looking and feeling even more vigorous (and cute!) than before.

Box Turtle Up Close
A very youthful-looking and feeling box turtle gets up close and personal to show off his smooth shell and enhanced “cuteness” (a technical term).
Cute? Cuter? Cutest? What's your verdict?
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