Being Brave with Bruce: Safety for Shells

Nature can come up with some pretty savvy safety features. For example, let’s say you come shooting out of your small white round escape pad with a shell on your back, a secret stash of snacks and a super-stealthy set of markings that lets you blend in whenever, wherever. For awhile, you feel very safe.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Safety for Shells”

Being Brave with Bruce: Box Turtle Shelters in Place

Sheltering in place looks different for everyone. But it may feel more alike than different – down deep on the inside where only we can see. In fact, some beings have to shelter in place most of every single day – and not because of something globally scary that starts with the letter “C.” TheyContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Box Turtle Shelters in Place”

Day 365: Rescued Box Turtle Goes on Safari

Being rescued into an interspecies flock gives you opportunities you might never come across otherwise. Rather than observing the strange large shell-less species from afar, you now get to watch them right up close. If you want to, you can even interact with one face to face! Like going on a personalized wildlife safari (completeContinue reading “Day 365: Rescued Box Turtle Goes on Safari”

Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies

When you have just been rescued and are very very hungry, it might seem natural you would gobble down everything in sight. But that would be evolutionarily unwise. After all, you’ve been on your own in the (relative) wild since you popped out of your small round white escape pod. Not everyone you hatched withContinue reading “Day 357: A Rescued Box Turtle Meets His Munchies”

Day 342: Box Turtle Brunch

Being rescued can take some getting used to. After being so long on your own, never sure what a day may bring, just you against the world, suddenly you are part of a flock. They do things quite differently than anything you have ever experienced before. For instance, whereas before the only way you everContinue reading “Day 342: Box Turtle Brunch”

Day 306: Weatherproofing the Box Turtle Hibernation Habitat

After verifying your newly constructed, cutting-edge box turtle hibernation hay tunnel is a perfect fit, it is time to pull the trigger and start snoozing. So you crawl inside your hay tunnel and commence to napping. This, in turn, alerts your doting large shell-less assistant to insulate and weatherproof your habitat itself (if you’ve everContinue reading “Day 306: Weatherproofing the Box Turtle Hibernation Habitat”

Day 303: The Hibernating Box Turtle

One great thing about being a hibernating species is that you get to nap and nap and nap – totally guilt-free! But before your long winter nap can be stress-free – a very important component to getting the most restful extended nap – you have to make sure you are “set up for success” (aContinue reading “Day 303: The Hibernating Box Turtle”

Day 294: Box Turtle Makes Eye Contact

No matter how brightly colored and visible you might be as a manly male box turtle on the prowl, you can’t count on crossing paths with an eligible lady box turtle all that often. So when you do, you really want to be ready to put your best foot forward! You already know you lookContinue reading “Day 294: Box Turtle Makes Eye Contact”

Day 291: Box Turtle Shell Pats

As a not-so-newly-rescued-anymore 3-toed Texas box turtle, you are slowly starting to feel more at home in your new casa and interspecies flock. You decide you want to become a bit more social and get involved in some new activities. Maybe first you try “head pats” and “shell scratches” and those are very lovely andContinue reading “Day 291: Box Turtle Shell Pats”

Day 288: Head Pats for Box Turtles

Getting rescued can be a pretty big deal. Suddenly, your whole life turns upside down. True, you are no longer at high risk for becoming a road pancake. But still, it can take some time to get used to all the changes and settle in. In some cases, it may even take a lot ofContinue reading “Day 288: Head Pats for Box Turtles”

Day 279: Box Turtle Social Skills

Being born very cute can quickly become problematic when you are also very shy. Sure, there is your precious curved shell, your adorable orange cheek patches, your expressive red whirling eyes, your stunning white neck. It’s no surprise why other beings like you so much. Some of those beings can be quite patient, too, waitingContinue reading “Day 279: Box Turtle Social Skills”

Day 276: Box Turtle Hay Fest

As a cold-blooded shelled being, you can expect that as temperatures turn cooler, so will you. As this process continues, your mind may quite naturally turn towards thoughts of….hay. When it is still warm during the day, a fresh and comfy pile of hay can give you an excellent vantage point for scouting victuals andContinue reading “Day 276: Box Turtle Hay Fest”

Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc

Wearing a shell on your back is like walking around carrying a sign that reads “I was here before you were!” Not many beings can say they predated pretty much everything but the Big Bang and bacteria. However, there are a few modern-day individuals who are still around to represent, among them turtles and tortoises,Continue reading “Day 258: The Box Turtle and the Croc”

Day 231: Box Turtle Doubles Down on Hay

As a true Texas 3-toed box turtle, you are a southern gentleman to your core. But no lady box turtle is going to know this just by looking at you…unless you make sure your outsides match your insides. If you want to communicate “true Texas box turtle who will make beautiful eggs” there is onlyContinue reading “Day 231: Box Turtle Doubles Down on Hay”

Day 228: Box Turtle Beauty Tips

For the large shell-less beings, the older you get, the older you tend to feel….and look. Not so if you are lucky enough to arrive wearing a shell. For starters, shells are not prone to wrinkling, sagging or drooping. They stay lovely and youthful looking….even when the rest of you perhaps does not. Also, withContinue reading “Day 228: Box Turtle Beauty Tips”

Day 222: Box Turtle Plays I Spy

If you are small and very stealthy and silent and have a large shell-less assistant who is anything but, there is a fun game called “I Spy” you can play to really freak her out. Here is what to do. Let’s say your assistant comes looking for you to do her daily “box turtle safetyContinue reading “Day 222: Box Turtle Plays I Spy”

Day 216: Box Turtle Meets “The Hand”

Shelled beings are quite cute and compact. If you popped out wearing a shell on your back, you definitely won the design lottery. If you can fit completely inside your box and hinge it shut, this means you are a “box turtle.” (It also means there are modern safes that aren’t as secure as youContinue reading “Day 216: Box Turtle Meets “The Hand””

Day 153: A True Texas Box Turtle

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? In Texas, beings are big and bold and awfully fond of primary colors like red, white and blue. So let’s say you happen to hail from Texas – a true native – but you just don’t fit the mold. Instead of red cheeks, yours are bright orange. You haveContinue reading “Day 153: A True Texas Box Turtle”


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