Day 234: Those Box Turtle Ears

Box turtle cheeks ears

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Keeping company with the large shell-less beings gives you a crash course in interspecies differences.

You are just so different!

For example (and there is really no nice way to say this) the shell-less beings have no….shell. Poor things. It is hard to look really attractive – not to mention mount an effective defense – if you don’t have a shell.

But this isn’t the only notable difference between you.

Unlike your smooth, streamlined head and neck, artfully decorated with bright orange cheek patches against a complementary pure white backdrop, they have these circular outcroppings on either side of their heads.

Even worse – there is no color variation at all. It’s just tan, tan, tan, tan and more tan (if single-color was the only option, at least “olive” would have been a much more fashion-forward and stylish choice).

Your ears, on the other hand, are strategically aligned with the overall flow and curve of your head and neck, giving more room for color variation as well as protecting your hearing.

Smart, smart, smart.

Box turtle cheeks ears
With integrated ears, you can do more with your color palette as well as protect those important (and very cute!) ears.
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