Day 93: What Has Red Eyes and Is Not Albino?

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If you are born with fur or hair (like, say, your large shell-less mama) and you have red or pinkish tinted eyes, you might be an albino.

In fact, even if you were born with a shell and your eyes are red or reddish, you might be an albino.

Albino beings look the way they do because of a malfunction in pigment production.

But some shelled beings have red eyes and are not albino.

For example, let’s say you are a rescued 3-toed adult box turtle and you have the trademark 3-toed box turtle solid olive-colored shell.

Your face is quite colorful, however, and your eyes are a bright, vibrant red.

In the box turtle world, this means you are a boy!

While lady 3-toed box turtles tend to have deep brown eyes, manly and masculine 3-toed box turtles are much more likely to have bright red eyes (or sometimes orange eyes, which is also a great look).

A very healthy, manly and masculine adult 3-toed box turtle shows off his non-albino bright red eyes.
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