What Gets Me Out of Bed in the Morning

I do NOT like to get up. I don’t care if it is noon. Or 1pm. or 2. I have four soft pillows, two comforters (one down) and a fluffy fleece blanket my bff gave me for my birthday this past year. Why would anyone want to get up out of all that? Pearl, likeContinue reading “What Gets Me Out of Bed in the Morning”

A Vision in (Superbowl) Grey

So this past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday. Not exactly a date I might typically mark in bold print in my annual calendar, but Mom called and mentioned there would be delectable edibles, and that Pearl was welcome to deliver her unique version of soprano commentary during the game, so game day partay it was.Continue reading “A Vision in (Superbowl) Grey”

The Mad (grey and white) Bluebird

My feathered gal has a wide range of moods. She has different screeches, calls, and chirps to let me know how she’s feeling, what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and how well I’m doing at interpreting her requests. If you can imagine a 2 year old going-on-10, you have a good idea of day-to-dayContinue reading “The Mad (grey and white) Bluebird”

What a Small Grey Bird and a Mega Pop Star Have in Common

As a recovered anorexic and bulimic going on 10 years now, I continue follow with great interest the ongoing battle between good and evil. That is, between those that want to insist that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and those who insist “beautiful” only comes in a size zero. This is why IContinue reading “What a Small Grey Bird and a Mega Pop Star Have in Common”

Haute Cuisine (with a side of feathers)

I have had a birdie companion since I was 8 years old. Most of my birds have been picky eaters, as in “I want seed. ONLY seed.” Not Pearl. Pearl has a surprisingly varied diet. Sometimes I think her palate is more developed than mine (you’ll see why in a minute). She also prefers myContinue reading “Haute Cuisine (with a side of feathers)”

The Surprising Secret Life of Cheerios

And I don’t mean as in “Glee”. I mean as in the cereal. If you own a pet, say a dog, you are probably well aware of the surprising turns your companion’s culinary palate can take. But if you own a bird, apart from inroads into the traditional crackers and green houseplants, you might notContinue reading “The Surprising Secret Life of Cheerios”

Shiny Things

There’s not really any other way to say it. My bird likes shiny things. A LOT. For instance, my blender: Or, should I say, “our” blender. She doesn’t like it because of what it can do, however (in fact, I suspect that the sounds it makes must remind her of a giant masticating vulture….at leastContinue reading “Shiny Things”

75 Grams Soaking Wet

One of my favorite books is called “Wesley the Owl“. Check it out if you have time – it’s an incredible story. Wesley was a barn owl who was found injured as a tiny infant owl. Since he would never be able to fly well enough to be re-released into the wild, a junior owlContinue reading “75 Grams Soaking Wet”

Avian Yoga

No matter how many years I practice yoga, Pearl always goes me one better. I have studied with anusara master John Friend in New York, bent and twisted in a traditional punjabi while my Hindi-only speaking teacher barked posture orders in India, sweated it out to Bikram’s oh-so-accurately named “hot yoga”… I turn my backContinue reading “Avian Yoga”

Welcome to Love & Feathers

As I write this my red betta fish, Gill, is motionless in his bowl, staring in my direction, gill flaps flared. This is either the universal signal for “feed me (again)” or he thinks I’m the perennial bigger fish. I’ll keep you posted. Love & Feathers is a relatively new project for me. By nowContinue reading “Welcome to Love & Feathers”


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