Day 155: The Littlest Tortoise Lawnmower

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The large shell-less being here….

Having a tortoise in the flock is kind of like having a very specialized lawn mower.

It mows alright, but not in the way you might expect.

For example, it might leave whole stands of tall fresh grass waving in place and make a beeline for the pricey new sunflower plant you just added to the shells’ secure outdoor play area.

A very specialized young shelled lawnmower conducts an expert evaluation of the new sunflower addition.

If you are lucky, the new addition might only get a light trim – a maintenance mow, so to speak.

Burrowing deep into the heart of the sunflower, the lawn mowing specialist considers the best place to begin a much-needed trim.

Or it could get a full-on makeover. You just never know.

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