Day 194: Tortoise Tucks Into Edible Greens

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Being born as a redfoot tortoise who is expected to find her own snacks from day one, it pays to get to know your colors pronto.

For instance, those adorable dots all over your legs and face – those are red dots. The slightly larger (and equally adorable) dots on your back – well, those are brown dots. And some of the (really adorable) dots on top of your head – those dots are yellow and orange.

Once you have mastered these basic colors, you can quickly match them up with local edibles in the same color spectrum.

But then one day you are out foraging as usual and you happen across a new green thing.

It is quite round with a pleasant aroma. Its vibrant coloration suggests authentic “freshness” (a technical term).

Best of all, it is very very large – suggesting there is lots of it!

Trusting your innate color intuition, you decide to go for it and…..CHOMP.

If all of your preliminary intel checks out, it is time for the final check – a taste test!

The fact that the new green edible is larger than you are means you want to ingest it ASAP before any poachers get wind of your find.

It is not every day you find such a sizable snack.
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