Day 200: Tortoise Finds a Very Fashionable Snack

Life as a (shelled) public figure means daily life may never be as private as you might prefer. It just comes with the territory when you are born looking this cute. Add in a sweet-natured mellow tortoise personality and a natural knack for appealing to fellow “foodies” everywhere, and you can just about forget aboutContinue reading “Day 200: Tortoise Finds a Very Fashionable Snack”

Day 194: Tortoise Tucks Into Edible Greens

Being born as a redfoot tortoise who is expected to find her own snacks from day one, it pays to get to know your colors pronto. For instance, those adorable dots all over your legs and face – those are red dots. The slightly larger (and equally adorable) dots on your back – well, those areContinue reading “Day 194: Tortoise Tucks Into Edible Greens”

Day 182: Tortoise Destroys Zucchini

Living your whole life in a natural green space, you begin to develop an instinctive aesthetic about what should go where. As long as you are left to your own devices to garden and cultivate when you like, where you like, things will continue to go smoothly. But then let’s say you decide to takeContinue reading “Day 182: Tortoise Destroys Zucchini”

Day 164: Tortoise Is Chomposaurus

Everyone knows that young beings grow up fast. And by “grow up” we mean grow out….at least if the young being in question happens to have a shell on her back. In order to grow up, er, out, you need to eat. A lot. Here, it helps if you are born with a keen gustatoryContinue reading “Day 164: Tortoise Is Chomposaurus”

Day 161: The Tortoise & the (Not So) Living Lettuce

If ever there was a proponent for the raw food diet, it would be the redfoot tortoise. The fresher it is, the better it tastes. If it is so fresh that your mommy literally just planted it for you, then you want to commence to chomping ASAP before anyone else discovers your stash. With anyContinue reading “Day 161: The Tortoise & the (Not So) Living Lettuce”

Day 152: Tortoise Is Young & Hungry

Being responsible for your own survival – shelter, snacks, the whole bit – means you have to be sharp straight out of the egg. In other words, if something tastes good and doesn’t kill you, it will probably make you stronger. So you really want to remember where you found it last so you canContinue reading “Day 152: Tortoise Is Young & Hungry”

Day 137: Tortoise Stealth Lunching

When you are an active participant in the food chain of life, there are three possible scenarios that could occur at any given meal. The first two are fairly well known: you could eat or you could be eaten. The third isn’t so well known: you could find something great to eat and someone elseContinue reading “Day 137: Tortoise Stealth Lunching”

Day 131: Just a Tortoise & Her Refrigerator

It is hard to argue with true love. When you meet your beloved for the first time – in that moment when your eyes behold one another – you just know. No one else will do. You could go anywhere, be anywhere, and you will always find your way back to their side. Like so.

Day 122: Tortoise Lunch Is Very Fresh & Very Gone

There is no doubt the large shell-less beings mean well. Yours, for instance, really wants to make sure you get plenty of exercise, fresh food, play time and shell scratches (not to mention restful naps). But there is one thing that will forever separate you and your assistant. She gets repeatedly hung up on thisContinue reading “Day 122: Tortoise Lunch Is Very Fresh & Very Gone”

Day 83: Food Face

Some cold-blooded species can be notoriously picky eaters. But not the redfooted tortoise. Redfoots are often described as “opportunistic feeders” in the scientific literature. Personally, after nearly five years of close daily observation, I would say Malti’s gustatory style comes closer to that of a contestant in one of those “all you can eat” contests.Continue reading “Day 83: Food Face”

Day 50: Tortoise Clover Chomper

It is a well-kept secret that feathered beings aren’t the only species who love the color green. Shelled beings love green too! Not only is green a lovely color to look at, but often green things are also delicious. Here, the fresher the green snack, the better. True shelled gourmands know that freshest is tastiest.Continue reading “Day 50: Tortoise Clover Chomper”

Day 44: Tortugan Broccoli Hunter

Just because you are slow and small doesn’t necessarily mean you are not fierce. Being slow and low to the ground also has its advantages. As a stealthy, stoic hunter, you can sneak up on your prey so slowly they literally fall asleep waiting for you to arrive. This provides the perfect moment to strike!Continue reading “Day 44: Tortugan Broccoli Hunter”

Day 32: Healthy Tortoise Eating Plan

As a young tortoise on the go, you need to make sure you stay well hydrated…and well-nourished. Hydration is easy enough, since your large shell-less assistant won’t agree to cease and desist from dunking you in your large red tortoise bath on a daily (yes, daily!) basis. Sheesh. You’re not a little baby tort anymore.Continue reading “Day 32: Healthy Tortoise Eating Plan”

Day 17: Malti’s Menu

To hear paleontologists tell it, feathered and shelled beings likely share some common ancestors. And those ancestors were BIG. They were big in size (think “school bus” and you won’t be far off) and also big in appetite. So if you like to eat, you get it honest. But this can be hard to explainContinue reading “Day 17: Malti’s Menu”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: First Earthworm!

It’s never been any secret that Bruce, our little flock’s rescued box turtle member, is an avid hunter. Which makes sense, considering that when our paths first crossed, he was foraging for his dinner in the suburban “wild” and was very, very hungry. Malti, on the other hand…..this little princess has never missed a meal.Continue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: First Earthworm!”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Arugula

If it is possible for a tortoise to be a foodie, then Malti is a foodie. She really loves to eat. During the rare moments when she’s gotten her beak on some “people” food, she has reliably gobbled down as much of it as she could before her mama was able to extract it. NotContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Arugula”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Groceries

Redfoot tortoises are very smart. Not only can they go head-to-head on touch screen computer tests with dogs, rats, mice, chimps, black bears and other warm-blooded species, but they can solve mazes with the right motivation (which is always treats, of course). If I ever forget this, all I have to do is wait untilContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Groceries”

Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Treats

It took me awhile to figure out that Malti didn’t find everything equally tasty. Pretty much from day one she was what tortoise breeders like to call an “enthusiastic eater.” Tortoises in the wild are opportunistic feeders, which means they will eat – overeat even – when they find something really good. This is becauseContinue reading “Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Treats”


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