Day 308: A Very Cute Tortoise At Rest

pet redfoot tortoise

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It can take a lot of resting to stay looking very cute.

This is often why you will find the less-cute flock members moving around a lot and doing something called “work” while the more-cute flock members are sitting still.


Accumulating cuteness with every restful in-breath and each restful out-breath.

Resting could even be considered its own form of meditation – bettering the world by making it cuter.

No regular work could ever be so important as this!

But resting a lot can also create a bit of a scheduling traffic jam, especially when you also need to do a lot of eating (another reliable cuteness-enhancing activity).

Here, it nearly goes without saying that the cutest beings find creative ways to combine resting with eating, thus packing in more of both.

Like so.

redfoot tortoise
First you want to find the optimal place that can accommodate both resting and eating.
pet redfoot tortoise
You can know you have arrived in the right place when you suddenly feel very relaxed…and hungry.
pet redfoot tortoise
Then you can give your large shell-less waitress the go ahead to start bringing out your victuals.

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