Resting in Place with Malti: Brave Tortoise Face

There isn’t anything braver in this world than tumbling out of your little white escape pod into a great wide world with only the shell on your back for company. You could say you are born to be brave – and indeed, you are. From moment one, you are “it.” You are your own chefContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Brave Tortoise Face”

Resting in Place with Malti: Redecorating with Watercress

After an extended period of time resting in place, you might understandably begin to get tired of the same ol’, same ol’. Same scenery. Same household furnishings. Same art. Same flock mates (SIGH). This is always the right time to bust out your “inner redecorator.” You might not think you have an inner redecorator. WhileContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Redecorating with Watercress”

Redfoot Tortoise Gets Shell Scratches

Growing up can be itchy business. While many other beings may not look at your redfoot tortoise shell and see a living organism, you know differently. Your keratin-covered, bony shell, which is attached to your spinal column and skeleton, is literally what holds you up. When it grows, you grow….whether you were particularly wanting toContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Gets Shell Scratches”

Redfoot Tortoise Chomps Whole Living Lettuce

Out in the big wild world, it’s always lunchtime somewhere. The only question is, which side of the lunch plate will you be on? In other words, when there are only two options on the menu, “eat or get eaten,” you want to make sure you are the one doing the eating. Like so.

Redfoot Tortoise Eats Hibiscus Flower the Size of Her Body

Many beings today are not fans of “supersizing.” But the redfoot tortoise will never join their misguided little club. After all, if small and delicious is good, large and delicious is better. Following the logic, then, enormous and delicious is – in a word – fantastic. Obviously.

Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot

Relaxation looks simple but it really isn’t. Plenty of amateurs think all you have to do to relax is drape a leg on something and – voila. Check that off the list. As if. These pretenders wouldn’t know real relaxation if they fell into it. Real relaxation is an art. First, you want to doContinue reading “Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot”

Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle

There are some great perks to living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle as a redfoot tortoise. Your daily life is definitely more posh and personalized than most others of your kind. But cohabitating with the large shell-less beings (not to mention the small shrieking feathered species) can take some getting used to. Sometimes, you just need toContinue reading “Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle”

Day 350: A Very Green Redfoot

One of the (many) odd habits of the large shell-less beings is their tendency to stop everything just to have a snack. They might be walking along and all of a sudden their tummy grumbles. So they drop what they are doing – just like that – often heading off in a completely different directionContinue reading “Day 350: A Very Green Redfoot”

Day 344: Tortoise Cuddles

Some beings are simply born for comfort. While others of their kind might gravitate towards more rustic accommodations, well, when you are born to life a life of luxury you know it. You own it. You work it for all its worth. Sure, you might have cold blood on the inside. But you have aContinue reading “Day 344: Tortoise Cuddles”

Day 341: A Deep Forest Tortoise

Setting up a household that includes flock members from different species can very naturally bring up some differences of opinion. Say one flock member is small and feathery. He prefers everything to be very open and spacious with no (zero, zilch) obstructions in line-of-sight. But then say another flock member is round with a shellContinue reading “Day 341: A Deep Forest Tortoise”

Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa

In a busy interspecies flock, you’ve got to be a quick study to figure out how to be first in line for treats, pats and cuddles. In other words, there are lots of (very cute) wide open mouths to feed…and every lap has a reservation list a mile long. One great way to shoulder yourContinue reading “Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa”

Day 329: The Tortoise Door of Possibility

For beings who are lucky enough to be born with shells, the structures commonly known as “doors” are largely superfluous. Want to go in? Just pull all your (very cute) appendages inside you and you are in. Ready to come back out? Just stick out your (precious and perfect) arms, tail and head and youContinue reading “Day 329: The Tortoise Door of Possibility”

Day 308: A Very Cute Tortoise At Rest

It can take a lot of resting to stay looking very cute. This is often why you will find the less-cute flock members moving around a lot and doing something called “work” while the more-cute flock members are sitting still. Resting. Accumulating cuteness with every restful in-breath and each restful out-breath. Resting could even beContinue reading “Day 308: A Very Cute Tortoise At Rest”

Day 269: The Spookiest Cute Tortoise Nostrils

The large shell-less beings have some decidedly odd traditions. For instance, once per year, they all wake up one morning and go into what can only be called some type of collective identity crisis. No doubt frantic to conceal or otherwise remedy the ongoing lack of a shell (an essential accessory for both function andContinue reading “Day 269: The Spookiest Cute Tortoise Nostrils”


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