Day 32: Healthy Tortoise Eating Plan

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As a young tortoise on the go, you need to make sure you stay well hydrated…and well-nourished.

Hydration is easy enough, since your large shell-less assistant won’t agree to cease and desist from dunking you in your large red tortoise bath on a daily (yes, daily!) basis.

Sheesh. You’re not a little baby tort anymore.

Not a little baby tort anymore, as the size of the bath relative to the size of the occupant can readily attest….

Staying well-nourished is another matter, however.

This is because of something awful called the “healthy tort eating plan.”

This alleged “plan” involves lots of menu items you don’t like that much, not a lot of the menu items you really like and an odd round silver disc your mommy keeps putting you on even though it is quite clear you don’t fit on it.

Malti investigates the odd round silver disc, which doesn’t seem nearly as exciting as her mama seems to think it is (1,635 grams = 3.6 pounds).
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