Day 320: A Perfect Tortoise Poncho

redfoot tortoise under blanket

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Winter is definitely a time of rest.

If you weren’t supposed to nap a lot in winter, then why’d they make the days so short?

On days you feel especially snoozy, you may even want to extend your afternoon nap right into your evening siesta.

But the one thing you don’t want to do is get chilly.

Get too chilly and your metabolism will drop below the point where you have no energy for snacking.


At that point, why not just nap the winter away….except that, being a tropical tortoise, you aren’t supposed to hibernate.

Clearly, it’s a delicate balance.

The good news is, you can hire and train a large shell-less assistant to keep you warm and well fortified at all times, all winter long.

Portable heating pad? Check? Posh couch pad? Check? Personal tortoise poncho? Check.

redfoot tortoise under blanket
With a little foresight and LOTS of training, your large shell-less assistant can help keep you warm and well-fortified during the short, chilly days of napping season.


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