Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Grass

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In Malti’s last post here, we talked about her lukewarm interest in the food that should be her main dietary staple – dark leafy greens.

But truthfully, that all changes once Malti is out on the lawn, or really in any place where the greenery is designed to be decorative more than edible.

Take rye grass, for example. A local farm supply store sold me a cup of the stuff in late spring. The owner told me to sprinkle the seeds in Malti’s and Bruce’s enclosures – he said they would love it.

By “love it,” I now know he meant “eat it.”

Although, frankly, Bruce mostly just sits on his or buries it when he rearranges his hay hide yet again. Malti, on the other hand….well, she wastes no time in sending that rye grass to a place where the sun don’t shine….

Rye grass, en route to its final resting place.

And remember…..

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