Resting in Place with Malti: Take Shelter

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Each day has its own energy, its own rhythm, its own personality.

In fact, it could be said that a day itself is as alive as the beings living it!

For instance,  there are days when you just feel like roaming.

You have all this energy zinging through you and you want to go here and there and everywhere and see the sights and smell the scents and have a grand adventure.

And then there are the days when all is quiet within.

You don’t know why. You didn’t order low energy with a side of extra naps.

But that is what showed up when you woke up in the morning.

So you go with it.

You curl up, cuddle up, crawl back under your blankets and take shelter, trusting that the next grand adventure is likely just a restful nap (or few) away.

redfoot tortoise leg
Some days are “grand adventure” days. And some days are “take shelter” days. And both are good days to have.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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