A Vision in (Superbowl) Grey

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So this past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday.

Not exactly a date I might typically mark in bold print in my annual calendar, but Mom called and mentioned there would be delectable edibles, and that Pearl was welcome to deliver her unique version of soprano commentary during the game, so game day partay it was.

Dad dressed for the bird, not the team (they were rooting for the Patriots so technically he should have been in blue, a fact my mom hounded him about for four straight hours).

Pearl and I happen to think he chose well:

As previously mentioned in detail, when my folks and I are in the same room, Pearl vastly prefers the “Tall Tree” (aka Dad) to anyone else. If he is wearing an expensive grey sweater he just got, so much the better.

Protective towel optional but always appreciated

Best of all, if it happens to be a big event like Super Bowl, and the Tall Tree is not being overly attentive to his plate, then opportunities might or might not open up for a little judicious poaching….

And if a dude from the opposing (and winning, as it turns out) team happens to sit down on the end zone and score a touchdown, then the cornbread is technically yours by default:

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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One thought on “A Vision in (Superbowl) Grey

  1. Well the Tall Tree and the Feathery one seem to both be making a fashion statement in grey. And I think the little grey one seems to be winning.

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