Day 223: Cockatiel Ponders Chicken Versus Egg

Cockatiel Egg 2

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At a certain point in every being’s life, whether feathered or featherless, it is only natural to start pondering the bigger questions of life.

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

How did I get here?

What is my purpose in life?

Of course, just having feathers all over your body makes some of these questions pretty easy to answer.

A quick check of your physical perimeter delivers enough intel to confidently answer at least questions #1 and #4.

Who am I? I am famous and feathery, of course – oh, and very very cute. And very pretty. And the “alpha” flock leader. And my mommy’s soul-bird.

What is my purpose in life? See above.

But questions #2 and #3 are a little trickier. For these, you may need to take the help of every famous and feathery actor’s staple tools of the trade – “props.”

Cockatiel Egg 1
So you’re saying I came out of something just like this? Not to get too picky or anything, but this “prop” is far too small – I would’ve never fit in there.
Cockatiel Egg 2
What do you mean I was smaller and didn’t have any feathers when I was in there? Of course I had feathers – they’re all over my body! Sigh. This is what I get for asking a large featherless being to be my “questions of life” research assistant.
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