Day 238: Wet Bird Couture Presents “Count Cockatielula”

Being a superbirdmodel isn’t for every feathered being. You have to be quite self-assured and confident in your own feathers. You’ve got to be patient enough to wait until everyone around you gets how great you are and starts celebrating you like the superstar you already know you are. Turning a competitive foe into aContinue reading “Day 238: Wet Bird Couture Presents “Count Cockatielula””

Day 235: Animal Crackers for Cockatiels

From the outside in, life as a famous and feathery celebrity seems so posh and perfect. You are celebrated and sought-after. Everyone wants to take selfies with you (and no one minds when you outshine them again and again). You wake up every day to stacks of fan mail and piles of gifts. Of course,Continue reading “Day 235: Animal Crackers for Cockatiels”

Day 232: Cockatiel in Corn Muffin Questioning

There is a reason most top-secret “black ops” agents opt for low-key cover identities. It is easy enough to blend in when your day gig doesn’t raise any eyebrows. No one follows their water meter reader or internet repair person around the block begging for selfies and beak-o-graphs. But there are also perks that comeContinue reading “Day 232: Cockatiel in Corn Muffin Questioning”

Day 229: Cockatiel Is the Muffin Master

In a wild setting, cockatiels live in enormous flocks numbering hundreds or thousands of feathers. It is glorious….but competitive. Sure, there are lots of ladybirds. But there are also lots of manbirds. Nesting sites abound. But so do their occupants. Victuals are plentiful. But at dinner time the line stretches around the block. Of course,Continue reading “Day 229: Cockatiel Is the Muffin Master”

Day 226: A Very Cute Cockatiel Chick

In the eyes of the world, you may be a successful CEO with feathers. You have your own blog. You’ve co-authored two books. Everyone wants your beak-o-graph. Clearly, you are a mover and shaker, a flapper and high-flier, someone who has a well-feathered nest and is even now leaving an inspiring legacy for future generationsContinue reading “Day 226: A Very Cute Cockatiel Chick”

Day 223: Cockatiel Ponders Chicken Versus Egg

At a certain point in every being’s life, whether feathered or featherless, it is only natural to start pondering the bigger questions of life. Who am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here? What is my purpose in life? Of course, just having feathers all over your body makes some ofContinue reading “Day 223: Cockatiel Ponders Chicken Versus Egg”

Day 220: The Cockatiel & the Breakfast Bowl

Interspecies flock life comes with all kinds of perks. You can count on always being the best-looking one in group photos. You have plenty of “beta” flock mates to boss around. If another flock member’s breakfast looks better than yours, you can poach it. Of course, the same holds true in reverse, and you can’tContinue reading “Day 220: The Cockatiel & the Breakfast Bowl”

Day 217: A Cockatiel and His Wonderful Wicker

Every being has their own favorite hobbies. Your small shelled brother, Bruce, likes swimming in his pool, hunting slimy wriggling things and burrowing in hay. Whatever works. Your less-small shelled sister, Malti, likes uprooting green beings, digging in dirt and eating yucky things she finds on the lawn. No accounting for taste. Your large featherlessContinue reading “Day 217: A Cockatiel and His Wonderful Wicker”

Day 214: Cockatiel Perches in Perfect Form

There is nothing like cohabitating with an interspecies flock to make you really appreciate your own anatomy. Let’s say that one of the beings in your flock has one set of short legs and one set of long legs – but no feathers at all. This basically means she has no balance. No poise. PoorContinue reading “Day 214: Cockatiel Perches in Perfect Form”


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