Day 247: Cockatiel Investigates An Imposter

Cockatiel with MiniPearl

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Some beings just pop right out of the egg and it is clear – they are born to be a star.

But super-stardom itself can take some getting used to.

Sure, there are the personally-crafted “hand-fed” delicacies and the posh yet super-secure accommodations and the never-ending stream of five-feather reviews to enjoy every day.

All is fun and festivities until you wake up one day to discover an….imposter.

Now what?!?

Love & Feathers is proud to present famous and feathery super star Pearl Cutts in his latest one-act play:

“Cockatiel Investigates an Imposter”

With a feature of this nature, you have to be prepared for it – a slew of imposters dressed up in their favorite two-toned color scheme, all standing in line while elbowing one another for more room to snap their “selfies.”

Meanwhile, the eager costumed imposters’ addition of fake wing and tail feathers isn’t doing anyone any favors. Every time one of them turns around, inevitably they whack the theatergoer just in front or behind them with their accessories. 

Eventually, the whole situation devolves into fisticuffs, with fake feathers flying everywhere and small rectangular flashing devices documenting the whole debacle for posterity (thank goodness).

Only the announcement of the imminent box office opening finally calms the melee.

Cockatiel with Mini Pearl 1
Caught pink-footed, I see….it doesn’t take a pint-sized super spy to see you are the rankest sort of imposter!
Cockatiel Mini Pearl
Well what do you have to say for yourself? Start with your real species, real name, rank and serial number.
Cockatiel with MiniPearl
What is it, “Mom?” Well can it wait? I’m in the middle of a confession here!
Cockatiel MiniPearl
He is not an imposter, you say? He is here to audition for the part of “Mini Pearl” in my new upcoming reality television show featuring my dancing, singing, preening and molting skills?
Pearl with Mini Me
Well in that case – case closed. Hey, is that toasted waffles we smell?

As the mysterious large featherless being known only as “Mom” anxiously herds her charges (notice the plural) offstage, the audience turns to one another in total consternation. 

There was a “mini Pearl” audition? And they missed it? 

Soon, fresh skirmishes break out as the costumed fans commence to arguing with one another over who would have had the best chance of playing “mini Pearl” – based on their totally authentic costumes, of course. 

Suffice it to say theater security soon finds they have their hands full….of feathers.

The End.

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

15 thoughts on “Day 247: Cockatiel Investigates An Imposter

  1. Are you still accepting auditions? All I have to do is put on my Pearl repliware feathers and I can tape something for you. It would be an honor.

    1. Hi Meri – happy news – you are this month’s FREE book winner – I will email you to get your details and any personalized beak-o-graph requests! 🙂

  2. Does this mean that Mini Pearl will be appearing occasionally Mr Cutts? Will Bruce and Malti have auditions for Mini Me’s too? This is so exciting.

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