Day 298: Cockatiel Takes a Grateful Nap

Being part of a flock is always fun, but it is especially fun around the holidays. This, of course, is because your personal Small Chef pulls out all the stops in preparing all your favorite delicacies. When the big day o’ gratitude finally arrives, as the official “alpha” flock member, you can expect to haveContinue reading “Day 298: Cockatiel Takes a Grateful Nap”

Day 262: The Cockatiel and the Small Chef

As everyone knows, beings with feathers are born with very sensitive palates. Not all featherless chefs are willing or able to master the rigorous culinary standards of such discerning diners. But those who make the effort are rewarded with rave five feather reviews. Some may even win themselves the coveted role of “Personal Small Chef”Continue reading “Day 262: The Cockatiel and the Small Chef”

Day 259: Cockatiel Rules the Roost

When you are born covered in feathers, “ruling the roost” is a pretty big deal. In short, you want to be the one doing it. There are many time-honored methods to accomplish this goal, but one of the finest is also the simplest. It is called “cuteness.” When you are the cutest flock member, youContinue reading “Day 259: Cockatiel Rules the Roost”

Day 256: Cockatiel Makes a Bed Nest

If there is one task all feathered beings excel at, it is multi-tasking. After all, when you hire a large featherless being for your assistant, someone has to be able to multi-task. And it certainly won’t be your assistant. Plus, being able to step back and see the bigger picture allows you to spot “win-win”Continue reading “Day 256: Cockatiel Makes a Bed Nest”

Day 247: Cockatiel Investigates An Imposter

Some beings just pop right out of the egg and it is clear – they are born to be a star. But super-stardom itself can take some getting used to. Sure, there are the personally-crafted “hand-fed” delicacies and the posh yet super-secure accommodations and the never-ending stream of five-feather reviews to enjoy every day. AllContinue reading “Day 247: Cockatiel Investigates An Imposter”

Day 241: Wet Bird Couture Cockatiel Looks Twitter-tastic!

The large featherless beings may think they invented “twittering,” but who are they kidding? Feathered beings were twittering like pros when their large featherless flock mates were still a gleam in the eye of the Big Bang. This at least easily explains their profoundly poor choice of spokesbird model for the “Twitter cover-bird.” Like….seriously? TheirContinue reading “Day 241: Wet Bird Couture Cockatiel Looks Twitter-tastic!”


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