Cockatiel napping

Day 292: Cockatiel Is the Original Napster

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When your family includes multiple species, you are bound to run into the language barrier sooner or later.

Take “Napster,” for example.

Clearly, this term means “master napper.” (“Nap” + “ster” – could any translation be more obvious?)

And yet somehow, your large featherless flock mates seem to think it has something to do with the near-constant (not to mention decidedly un-tuneful) warblings being emitted by the small rectangular flashing devices they all carry around.

As if.

For starters – and this is not new news – if you want to get a really deep, restful nap, it needs to be quiet.

Also, the sign of a bona fide master napper is the ability to fall deeply asleep anyplace, anytime…..and without any of that odd red liquid your large featherless mommy seems so fond of.

Cockatiel napping
The original Napster demonstrating what only a master napper can do.

Who in your flock is the most masterful napster?

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