Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Cockatiel Napping

Masks. Gloves. Microscopic germs. Grumpy large featherless paparazzi issuing dire-sounding predictions about shortages of something deeply uninteresting called “hand sanitizer” (now if it was called “wing and talon sanitizer,” that might be something actually newsworthy). These are strange, scary times indeed that we are living through. It is hard to find comfort when life asContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Cockatiel Napping”

Day 292: Cockatiel Is the Original Napster

When your family includes multiple species, you are bound to run into the language barrier sooner or later. Take “Napster,” for example. Clearly, this term means “master napper.” (“Nap” + “ster” – could any translation be more obvious?) And yet somehow, your large featherless flock mates seem to think it has something to do withContinue reading “Day 292: Cockatiel Is the Original Napster”


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