Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover

The best delicacies combine two essential (um) ingredients: tastiness + trajectory. In other words, overall deliciousness makes up just half the rating system when you’re an expert food critic with feathers. The other half of your rating system is flingability (a technical term). Flingability refers to how far your beak buildup flies when you shakeContinue reading “Cute Birb Lasagna Takeover”

Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box

As all feathered beings know, foraging is fantastic. Foraging is fun. Invigorating. Exciting, even. You never know what you might find. Or who. Heck, if you dig down deep enough you might even discover a fetching and feathery ladybird who sees your foraging box for what it truly is – a nesting box with greatContinue reading “Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box”

Cockatiel Forages a Wild Corn Muffin

Just because you are petite doesn’t mean you don’t make for a ferocious hunter. Pint-sized and powerful, this is the Cockatiel Way. It doesn’t hurt to have your own personal Small Chef who just happens to make the best corn muffins (aka aspiring birdie bread) on the planet.

Cockatiel Walks Into a Bag of Chips

Cockatiel walks into a bag of chips…. Sounds like the opening line of the best. joke. ever. (Because all of the best jokes are about feathers. Of course.) So are all the best videos, by the way. And of course if you’ve been wondering “can cockatiels eat chips?” well, now you know. 🙂

BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power”

There is an art as well as a science to staying hidden out in plain sight. In fact, it is mostly the newbie top-secret agents who opt for staying well camouflaged both in their cover identity and in their real role. The real pros know how to get twice the camo for half the effortContinue reading “BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power””

Day 363: How to Cuteness Stun Anything

Everyone has heard of “cuteness overload.” Or at least everyone who keeps company with feathered beings has heard of this. Cuteness overload is a serious issue….but it is nothing compared to “cuteness stunning.” Huh? What? Yup. Cuteness stunning. Where cuteness overload is just being very very cute, cuteness stunning is using your cuteness to, well,Continue reading “Day 363: How to Cuteness Stun Anything”

Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting

Hiring a large featherless assistant makes sense for all kinds of reasons. But it sure can come with a steep learning curve. It won’t take but an hour or so before you start to notice they are rather….strange. Many of the things they do stray so far from common sense no amount of geolocation couldContinue reading “Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting”

Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat

The large featherless beings are sometimes understandably jealous that they pop out, well, featherless. There really isn’t any more delicate way to say it. But just because you got all the good DNA doesn’t mean you don’t still need help staying warm when temperatures drop. And of course, with “cuteness” at your service, you canContinue reading “Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat”

Day 310: Cockatiel Attends Crestaholics Meeting

As a manly (single, solo, suave) manbird, there is no doubt having a full-feathered crest can make you a hit with the ladybirds. But it can also make you a frequent target of the (large, featherless, crest-less) paparazzi. It comes with the territory. What the ladybirds want, the ladybirds get. And yet, dealing with allContinue reading “Day 310: Cockatiel Attends Crestaholics Meeting”

Day 301: Cockatiel Gives Cuteness Assistance

When you’ve had fluffy feathers your whole life, it is easy to forget not every being is so lucky. You are so used to the adoration, the adulation, the fainting fans, the fame – how everyone always wants to be near you just in case one of your feathers falls off and lands on them,Continue reading “Day 301: Cockatiel Gives Cuteness Assistance”

Day 298: Cockatiel Takes a Grateful Nap

Being part of a flock is always fun, but it is especially fun around the holidays. This, of course, is because your personal Small Chef pulls out all the stops in preparing all your favorite delicacies. When the big day o’ gratitude finally arrives, as the official “alpha” flock member, you can expect to haveContinue reading “Day 298: Cockatiel Takes a Grateful Nap”

Day 292: Cockatiel Is the Original Napster

When your family includes multiple species, you are bound to run into the language barrier sooner or later. Take “Napster,” for example. Clearly, this term means “master napper.” (“Nap” + “ster” – could any translation be more obvious?) And yet somehow, your large featherless flock mates seem to think it has something to do withContinue reading “Day 292: Cockatiel Is the Original Napster”


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