Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop

cockatiel poop laptop

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Having lots of flock members has its pros and its cons.

On the cons side….well, “sharing” is never a favorite.

On the pros side….why share when you can get whatever you want with “cuteness?”

Of course, it can be fun to let your flock mates at least think they are giving you the desired item of their own free will.

Not only does this handily sidestep yet another yawn-worthy lecture about “what’s mine is mine” (as if) but it also gives you a chance to brush up on your super spy skills….just in case.

Let’s say you have your eye on a fantastic little gadget with crispy keys and a large and attractive reflective screen.

There is just one teensy tiny problem. Your large featherless assistant is always using it!

Here, what you need to do is something called “requisitioning the asset” – in short, you have to capture it for your very own.

And you need to do it in a way that is fairly obvious….as in, relying on your assistant’s powers of observation isn’t going to get you there any faster.

cockatiel poop laptop
My large featherless assistant is always tapping on these crispy keys with her bare fingers. So I’ve left a little message to let her know I’m requisitioning this asset for official super spy business. This shouldn’t take long.
cockatiel poop on laptop keyboard
Hey look, Mom. Right there. Right THERE.
cockatiel stares at laptop keyboard
Um, MOMMMM….yes. Yes, there. Right THERE.
cockatiel sits on laptop
Finally. Boy will she be surprised when she comes back with one of those little white squares she always likes to use to collect and decode my messages.

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