Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop

Having lots of flock members has its pros and its cons. On the cons side….well, “sharing” is never a favorite. On the pros side….why share when you can get whatever you want with “cuteness?” Of course, it can be fun to let your flock mates at least think they are giving you the desired itemContinue reading “Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop”

Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!

It can be challenging work – juggling an empire. One minute you are engrossed in planning your newest one-avian hit play. The next minute you are called away for some top secret mission – allegedly. Each free moment is occupied in turn….from “fixer-upper” nest flipping projects for the spring ladybird season to (even more) retrainingContinue reading “Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!”

Day 322: If You Like It Put a Feather On It

As a flocking species, you can always count on a little friendly competition for the best roosting spots. This can make leaving a prime seat problematic. Often, when you return to reclaim your roost, you may find it has a new occupant! So you have to find a way to let the other flock membersContinue reading “Day 322: If You Like It Put a Feather On It”

Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat

The large featherless beings are sometimes understandably jealous that they pop out, well, featherless. There really isn’t any more delicate way to say it. But just because you got all the good DNA doesn’t mean you don’t still need help staying warm when temperatures drop. And of course, with “cuteness” at your service, you canContinue reading “Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat”

Day 307: The Parrot and the Pupperazzi

While it is true that the large featherless beings are slavishly devoted to feathers, they aren’t the only species to feel this way. Turns out beings with fur can be pretty fond of feathers too! Sometimes this is because of how tunefully (loudly) parrots can sing. Sometimes it is due to “cuteness.” But most oftenContinue reading “Day 307: The Parrot and the Pupperazzi”

Day 238: Wet Bird Couture Presents “Count Cockatielula”

Being a superbirdmodel isn’t for every feathered being. You have to be quite self-assured and confident in your own feathers. You’ve got to be patient enough to wait until everyone around you gets how great you are and starts celebrating you like the superstar you already know you are. Turning a competitive foe into aContinue reading “Day 238: Wet Bird Couture Presents “Count Cockatielula””

Day 229: Cockatiel Is the Muffin Master

In a wild setting, cockatiels live in enormous flocks numbering hundreds or thousands of feathers. It is glorious….but competitive. Sure, there are lots of ladybirds. But there are also lots of manbirds. Nesting sites abound. But so do their occupants. Victuals are plentiful. But at dinner time the line stretches around the block. Of course,Continue reading “Day 229: Cockatiel Is the Muffin Master”


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