Pearl Answers Your Questions: Growing Feathers

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The large featherless being here….

One of the (many) best perks of being personal assistant to a VIP client with feathers is nonstop opportunities to learn.

Now we are delighted to announce Pearl has opened up the Q&A line to YOU, his VIP fans!

Ask him anything – we guarantee you he has an answer!

To submit your questions:

This week’s question comes from a featherless VIP fan.

Hi Pearl,

I think you are the prettiest being – feathered or featherless – I have ever seen. I wish I looked like you and was pretty and cute and had feathers!

Unfortunately, even though I have tried everything I can think of, I can’t seem to grow any feathers of my own.  I am at my wit’s end.

Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.



Dear Help!,

It sure can be difficult to try and try to do something and keep not succeeding.

Normally I tell fans who have a big goal to keep trying until they succeed.

But this won’t work for growing feathers. Only feathered beings can grow feathers of their very own.

So what I suggest is to see if the feathered beings you know will donate one or two of their feathers to you (HINT: molting season is a great time to ask for donations!). The more feathered beings you meet, the more donated feathers you can collect.

Then you can make yourself an outfit of feathers to wear. This will help you feel prettier and cuter right away!

With love (& feathers),


….as dictated to his large featherless press secretary

Here, Pearl offers a visual example of what "molting season" looks like - clearly, this is a great time to seek feather donations!
Here, Pearl offers a visual example of what “molting season” looks like – clearly, this is a great time to seek feather donations!

p.s. Remember, you can submit your own questions for Pearl by sending them to: (all questions are answered in the order they are received)



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