Wet Bird Couture Presents: The Sea Sponge

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Question: If you are 640 million years old (which basically means you are the oldest being on Earth), you come in many colors and you live in the ocean, what are you?

Answer: A sea sponge.

Sea sponges are simple yet complex. They come in many colors and often look very soft and innocent when nestled down amidst hard coral reefs.

But they are also quite fierce and ferocious when they want to be. In particular, the 4 species of “killer sponges” like to use their microscopic hooks to catch their dinner as it floats by.

A soft, innocent looking sea sponge extends its tiny hooks in hopes of catching its dinner (image courtesy of National Geographic).
A soft, innocent looking “killer” sea sponge extends its tiny, fierce hooks into the surf to catch its dinner (image courtesy of National Geographic).

Clearly, only a trailblazing model who is equally comfortable with cuteness and ferociousness could pull off such a cutting-edge look.

Wet Bird Couture is proud to present its latest must-have look, “The Sea Sponge.”

Here, notice how the model evokes the "killer hooks" of the sea sponge, with crest feathers lifting with deceptive softness away from the neckline.
Here, notice how the model evokes the “killer hooks” of the sea sponge in the crest feathers that lift with deceptive softness away from the neckline.

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NEW! Announcing WBC’s First-Ever Model Casting Call!

CameraWet Bird Couture’s first-ever “Model Casting Call” is now open for applications!

Would you like to see your own feathery super(bird)model featured here?

Here’s what to do:

  • Send a photo of your aspiring model to us at shannon@loveandfeathers.com
  • Include the inspiration behind the look (optional but appreciated!)
  • Watch upcoming editions of Wet Bird Couture for your showcase!
  • All selected applicants will be featured in the order received. 🙂
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