Wet Bird Couture Presents: Milo in “The Shag Rug”

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This month, Wet Bird Couture introduces our second talented addition to our growing full (um) feathered modeling roster!

Our newest WBC model is a visionary beyond his years (months, really) – not only did he model his own look in the photo you are about to view, but he designed this couture style all on his own as well!

Wet Bird Couture Proudly Presents:

 Milo in “The Shag Rug”

A shag rug is defined as a rug having a deep, long pile giving it a distinct shaggy look. They were very popular in 1970’s homes and have seen a resurgence of popularity again today.

A retro-trendy "shag rug," reimagined for a modern audience. (-Image courtesy of West Elm.)
A retro-trendy “shag rug,” reimagined for a modern audience. (-Image courtesy of West Elm.)

Recapturing historic trends and giving them a modern facelift is an art form it usually designers takes decades to master. But in a handful of precocious cases, a designer-turned-model comes along who easily succeeds where so many others have tried and failed.

Wet Bird Couture is proud to present young Milo modeling its latest must-have look, “The Shag Rug!”

See the young visionary model’s noticeably long and deep shaggy, trendy pile of crest and head feathers as they move down towards the neck-line.

PHOTO CREDITSpecial thanks to Barbara Smigels, Milo’s mommy, for such a fetching and feathery modeling photo!:-)

GreenHeartShannon & Pearl

NEW! Announcing WBC’s First-Ever Model Casting Call!

CameraWet Bird Couture’s first-ever “Model Casting Call” is now open for applications!

Would you like to see your own feathery super(bird)model featured here?

Here’s what to do:

  • Send a photo of your aspiring model to us at shannon@loveandfeathers.com
  • Include the inspiration behind the look (optional but appreciated!)
  • Watch upcoming editions of Wet Bird Couture for your showcase!
  • All selected applicants will be featured in the order received. 🙂
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