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Couscous: A Love Affair That Will Last Forever

Like all parrots, Pearl enjoys eating.

He enjoys eating edible things and also non-edible things (here, think wicker, twist-tie papers, and tonight I saw him rip off and chew the edges of a tasty paper towel.)

But there are certain dishes that are long-standing favorites. Take couscous for instance. This is a dish worth every ounce of extra attention needed for proper appreciation.

Step One: Examine the dish. Make sure the quality is up to avian standards.

Yup. Looks good from here.
Yup. Looks good from here.

Step Two: Open beak.

Beak open? Check.
Beak open? Check.

Step Three: Dig in!

Let's see how much of this I can pile on top of my beak...
Let’s see how much of this delicious dish I can pile on top of my beak…

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