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Day 78: Happiest New Year!

Each New Year’s Day, the large featherless beings like to host rich brunches and then later set off those noisy devices that scare the feathers right off you.

You prefer to celebrate by reflecting on prettiness.

This is clearly the best way to celebrate anything anyway.

Well my goodness! So reflective! I'm surprised the other diners haven't noticed this implement yet.
Well my goodness! So reflective! What a great celebrating tool!
Ahhhh. Just as pretty as I expected, too.
Ahhhh. Just as pretty as I expected, too.
Now everyone watch me and I will demonstrate. First, center yourself right over the reflective object.
Now, admire to your heart's content! Happy New Year! :-)
Now, celebrate to your heart’s content!

Happiest New Year’s Day to you from Pearl (and his devoted Mommy)! 🙂

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts


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