Day 218: Studying Prettiness

The “reflection” may be one of life’s best inventions.

This is especially true for those beings (mostly the ones with feathers) who happen to possess particularly pretty reflections.

For these beings, every reflection is a chance to gain new insights about the origin, nature, and purpose of prettiness.

Oh my! Such a pretty reflection!
Wow – such a pretty reflection!
I'll just take a moment (or many moments) to soak in all the prettiness.
I was going to take a break, but with such prettiness as this, I’d better resume my studies right away.
Hi Mom, sure there's room for two to soak in this much prettiness!
Sure, Mom, you can help with my study – all you have to do is admire this reflection and write down all the reasons it is so pretty.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts


2 thoughts on “Day 218: Studying Prettiness

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