Friday Wet Bird Couture Presents: “The Ruff”

The Ruff is a rare type of wading sandpiper.

It isn’t very difficult to figure out how it got its name (and it’s a darn good thing too, since other descriptions focus on somewhat less flattering features like “pot-bellied” and “gravy boat appearance”).

But only the manbirds of the species have the characteristic “ruff” of extra neck feathers that Ruff ladybirds find so alluring.

And this isn’t the only “extra” male Ruffs are sporting, either.

Due to an ancient and strange genetic anomaly, these particularly manly manbirds are very, um, virile (without going into too much detail, suffice it to say they can sire a lot of eggs without breaking a sweat).

A male ruff, displaying the signature, well, ruff of feathers that gave it its name. (image courtesy of Wikipedia)
A virile manly male Ruff, displaying the signature ruff of feathers that give it its name. (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Clearly, only the manliest of manbird super(bird)models could even attempt such a virile and masculine couture look.

Wet Bird Couture is proud to unveil Pearl Cutts modeling “The Ruff.”

Here, notice
Here, notice how the signature “ruff” of the model’s neck, head and crest features stands on end as a signal to ladybirds that he can make a lot of eggs without breaking a sweat.


Shannon & Pearl

WBC’s Open Casting Call for Super(Bird)Models!

CameraWet Bird Couture’s “Model Casting Call” is seeking super(bird)model talent for its growing roster!

Would you like to see your own feathery super(bird)model featured* here?

Here’s what to do:

  • Send a photo of your aspiring model to us at
  • Include the inspiration behind the look (optional but appreciated!)
  • Watch upcoming editions of Wet Bird Couture for your showcase!
  • All selected applicants will be featured in the order received.🙂

Our flock <3s comments! :-)

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