Video Wednesday: Concert (With Oatmeal)

It is a big responsibility to be feathery and famous and have flocks of fans (both feathered and featherless).

You have so much to do – preening, showering, chowing, nesting, napping…..

Occasionally you also star in videos.

For this installment of “Video Wednesday,” Love & Feathers is proud to present Pearl Cutts in “Concert (with Oatmeal).”

Enjoy! 🙂

Click on the graphic above or HERE to open the video in a new window.

Do you have a fav video of your feathers? (hint: videos of cute feathered beings are our favorite!)


Shannon & Pearl


4 thoughts on “Video Wednesday: Concert (With Oatmeal)

  1. Good to know that tradition of singing for your supper is alive and well. If I stirred the oatmeal that long without offering a sample to my cockatoo, It would be painful. He pinches my ear to get my attention to feed him what I’m stirring with growing pressure as I stir. Your little Pearl is such a gentleman!


      1. Ha, ha! Good job editing! I love these birds, but my feelings are a bit schizophrenic.mi love them and share scratches and nuzzles endlessly. But then, the screaming and mating-season aggression make me want to give them away. Sigh. Love wins.


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